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Monitoring & Control System


The MaxxControl Monitoring & Control System developed by Antech is a full web based software system providing monitoring and control of any kind satellite ground station and associated devices.


The system consists of three parts


    1. The MaxxHub Controller interfacing to the ground station equipment
    1. The MaxxControl Web interface, built in inside the controller
    1. The MaxxControl Server, which collect and stores the data of the several MaxxHub Controllers (optional)


The software is operating on any browser which has an acces via HTTP to the MaxxHub Controller and can work as stand-alone solution or as a newtork of MaxxHub Controllers all managed by a single web browser. The main advantage of thus solution is the possibility to manage and monitor several ground stations both locally or from a central site.


Functionality of the MaxxControl Syste


The MaxxHub Controller monitors and controls the equipment of a satellite ground station. The monitoring is performed locally without any influence and connection of any operator client. The connected equipment is polled and monitored continuously. Typical alarm flags of the equipment, like summary alarm, lock alarm, etc., thresholds or limits of data quality are detected. The alarm message is stored in the internal MaxxHub Database and optionally at the MaxxControl Server and the operator is alerted via both a graphical and an audible alarm. The internal log database can easily be investigated and searched via a user-friendly interface for analysis and statistics.The operator has full control over all equipment and can monitor and change any device parameters

without interruption of the service. Each device is represented in its own popup window with a simple click and multi-vendor equipment in the field can be supported with one single interface.

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